Positive Polly

I am still riding the proverbial injury roller coaster. I have good days and bad days. I feel physical pain in my knee one minute and then fine the next. I have sporadic tingling from the nerve damage, but it only lasts for a few seconds. As soon as I miss my friends someone surprises me at the door. When I miss CrossFit I pick up the baby dumb bells and create my own mini wod. And when I start to go to a dark place, I remind myself that it could be much worse, like the patient who was at the doctor’s office yesterday with two broken wrists.


The week after my surgery was very tough as I was not physically able to do anything.  I could not put any weight on my right leg, which made it difficult to get around. But, I have gotten better on the crutches, used to the shower seat, and a little more self sufficient. Thankfully I had my mom here for those two weeks to be my taxi, cook me meals, and carry things for me. While she was here, and undoubtedly bored, she noticed a fire alarm hanging from the wall, carpets that hadn’t been vacuumed in a while, and a sink that had copious amounts of lime deposits. She kept herself busy and I benefited from her hard work!

Throughout this week I have experienced a lot of positive things.  Every night a friend (or two) came down to take me to dinner, or cook burgers on the grill, or play cards, and one even helped me plan some workout movements. These people have kept me busy and assured me that they are there to help with anything I need.  I never even realized the amount of great friends I actually have!


Brooke, a close friend from home, sent me a message with a picture of her in a boot, using crutches, and on a motorized cart at the grocery store. She said that she has been immobile for the past couple of months and can empathize with me.  She works (no summers off like me) and has two kids. I will remember this when I start to feel sorry for myself again.


In addition to the aforementioned things I deemed my latest doctors appointment a success too. When I first arrived he wanted me to have my left foot (opposite leg) X-rayed.  He had watched the video of my injury in slow motion (thanks to Dave Burris) and realized that the 165# weight landed on my foot.  I initially said no, but then he encouraged me by warning that if there is damage and I don’t address it now, then it could haunt me later in life.  So, I agreed and while lying on the X-ray table my heart rate doubled and my stomached turned.  The results: no damage!

Back in the exam room, while I waited for the X-ray results, the doctor came to show me pictures of the arthroscopic surgery he had performed last week.  I passed on the details and graphics (I have a weak stomach).  He then scheduled my next surgery for July 23rd and discussed the in-hospital procedures and post operation process.  He suggested an immobilizer and no weight bearing for 4-6 weeks.  But my physical therapist thinks that I might be able to put weight on it sooner than that. They also both manually examined my MCL and agree that it is healing pretty well. I was informed that there is a slight chance it could heal on its own, in which case I would not need surgery on that ligament.

Physical therapy is going well.  Everyone at Core PT is caring and passionate about what they do. They use heat, ice, laser treatment for the nerve damage, and numerous exercises to help me bend. I was given homework to help strengthen my quad and gain flexion in my knee.  While it is very painful, I know I want to recover quickly and so I am willing to tough it out. I also want to drive very badly, but only being able to bend my knee to about 60 degrees is not conducive to that. This motivates me to do the exercises every couple of hours!

heat kneecreative

My good friend Jaime (from high school) is here this week to serve as my taxi and cook!  She has been a huge help!

jaime   And yes, that is a dog in my house. emoji-teeth

I am also thankful to be teaching summer school because it gets me out of the house and around other human beings!

If you read this far, then you’re probably also someone who sends me texts to check up…..and so I THANK YOU!

2 thoughts on “Positive Polly

  1. Dear Holly, Love reading your blog, would love to come get u one night and go to dinner. My dad has been in and out of the hospital for the last month so I have been very busy. Will call you soon to make a date . Miss seeing your smiling face at x-fit. Keep smiling !!!! Philippians 4:13.


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