The Dichotomy

When one works out he or she risks injury.

When one leads a sedentary life he or she risks obesity and heart disease.


I will start with a quote from Kevin Ogar, an athlete who suffered a serious injury.  “Saying that I got hurt because of CrossFit or weightlifting is like saying that somebody was out running and got hit by a drunk driver and that it was the runner’s fault.”

While I have had a lot of support in the past five months, I have encountered just as much opposition. I have received emails telling me that I should “stop working out with such intensity,” and Facebook messages advising me not to CrossFit anymore.  A colleague sent me a message saying “I think you need to find a pool instead of trying to maneuver around the gym,…isn’t that how you got hurt in the first place?  You might have to scale it down a bit Holly,…isn’t surgery once or twice,…enough?”  In one Face-to Face conversation a friend told me that I “got what I deserved,” while smoking a cigarette in my face (and fifty pounds overweight).

One day at physical therapy a former athletic trainer inquired about my injury, shaking his head in disappointment when I told him it occurred during a CrossFit competition. He told me that CrossFit was too dangerous and that he would never allow his athletes to do such a rigorous workout program.  He then sent me an article with a list of reasons why athletes shouldn’t CrossFit.


The irony in this is that every time I am at physical therapy I see other athletes who are working on skills and movements to get them back to their sport.  There is a 6’5″ basketball player who plays for a semi-professional team overseas.  I’m pretty sure no one tells him to hang up the Jordan’s.

There is a division 1 soccer player who tore her ACL.  She works hard to strengthen her leg, so that she can use that scholarship to help pay for school.  I am pretty sure no one tells her to hang up the cleats.

There is a baseball player who injured his shoulder.  He has support from his dad and the physical therapists so that he can be back on the  mound.  I’m pretty sure no one tells him to hang up the glove.

There is a mother of two who injured her knee while simply walking through a door step.  I’m pretty sure no one tells her to avoid door ways at all costs.

I have spent the past five months wondering if I would ever CrossFit again.  I contemplated just incorporating yoga and cycling into my new daily exercise routine. The thought became depressing.  But, on Wednesday, September 23, I walked back into the Box without my crutches and joined a group wod.  Michael Scharmach and Leslie Pleasanton modified the movements for me.  I had a partner who agreed to catch the medicine ball, so that I could do wall ball shots and not get smacked in the face.  After that 15 minute workout, people posted pictures and videos to Instagram and Facebook with statuses about how inspiring it was to see me back.  When I read these comments I instantly knew that this was where I was meant to be…and what I was meant to do.

I don’t CrossFit because I think I have a chance to make it to an elite level.

I CrossFit because it empowers me.

…..because it gives me confidence.

…..because it gives me strength, both mentally and physically.

…..because I enjoy being around like-minded people.

…..because I love the sense of community.

I appreciate the concern my non-CrossFit friends and family members have for me. However, I have made a decision to continue with my passion.  I understand the risk I am taking, but I would be a fool to give up something I love because I am scared.  I could get injured doing any simple daily task.  I vow to be patient and smart in my training.  I truly believe I will come back faster and stronger than before my injury.  I don’t know if I will ever compete again, so when people ask what I am training for, I will simply say LIFE!

And there’s nothing better than training with these people!!!

ms  jeri

team wbscfd

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